Synod Assembly Videos – Bishop Reports and more- I promised these earlier. My favorite is the second. Priceless Equipping Stories

Divided into playlists here:

Bishop Report 1:

Bishop Report 2:

Bishop Report 3:


Bishop Jon – Thanks Chris Kiewel

Discovering Hope Resources – Video, Handouts and Activities in Dropbox and Leader’s Guide – Check it out

We are grateful for your congregation’s participation in Discovering Hope on June 27, 2015.


We want to encourage you to continue to grow in the learning that was offered on that day through the enclosed materials.


If you want to explore more about Discovering Hope you may “VIEW” the event through these two links:

Discovering Hope 6.27.15 Hours 1 and 2


Discovering Hope 6.27.15 Hours 3 and 4


All of the files and activities that were led by Pastor Nancy Nyland are enclosed in this Dropbox file.

Discovering Hope agenda and activites


I would suggest that you look at the Discovering Hope LEADER GUIDE sheet as a “first step.”

LEADER GUIDE sheet with Activity and Handout references


From this LEADER GUIDE file you may find the “Activity” name or the “Handout” and the corresponding file in Discovering Hope agenda and activites.


We believe your congregation will be enriched through the teaching that is contained in this workshop as you incorporate it into your setting.  The Holy Spirit is indeed at work!


Two final thoughts….

  • Pr Nancy Nyland has requested that if you have follow up questions please DO NOT contact her even though her name appears at the bottom of many of the sheets. Please begin by contacting me. Thanks!
  • If you would like to have further conversation about Discovering Hope please DO contact me so we can have further conversation!

Pr. Larry Strenge