Listening to God – Listening to our Lives – Listening to One Another – 16th Annual Clergy Spouse Retreat

We are thankful to join together with the Northwestern Minnesota Synod to jointly sponsor this retreat from Nov. 7-9 at Luther Crest Bible Camp.  Download the entire brochure at the end of this post.  








Here is the entire brochure for download.   

2014 Spouse Retreat Registration

Using Google Docs as a Ministry Tool




















When I read this article, I was reminded of all the ways we use Google Docs in our synod’s life to keep track of agendas.  This was a helpful review article with some more ways to use these tools.   I am sharing with our staff.  I will share it with you all.

It is easy to translate the world of education to the world of congregations and ministry.  Here is the link.



Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry Intensive Lutheran Seminary Program of SW – May 24-29

If you are interested in learning Spanish and about Hispanic Ministry, here is an option.


Amig@s, we invite to our May, 2015 intensive.  Please be aware that housing on campus is limited and usually booked by February.  Register early!  Gracias!  Jay

Here is the contact info.

The Rev. Dr. Javier (Jay) Alanis

Executive Director,

Associate Academic Dean,

Associate Professor of Theology, Culture and Mission

Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest,

P. O. Box 4790, Austin, Texas 78765


Practicing Discipleship Retreat Coming August 24-26 Luther Crest – Think Mini Extravaganza

“Frames are important. A picture frame gives perspective and focus to the picture within. The frame of a house gives a foundation from which rooms can be built and decorated. Frames give understanding. Frames help us expand our understanding. Frames give purpose. In life and ministry, there is an overwhelming volume of information that competes for our attention and time.


We can’t become experts in everything, so how do we choose? This year

Practice Discipleship will explore biblical, theological and practical frames that can give intentionality to how we prioritize our ministries and respond to the gospel in our daily lives.”

At the Region 3 Practice Discipleship Retreat you will have the opportunity to learn more about the “frames” that can shape faith formation ministry in our congregations.  The retreat will also be a time to re-charge for Fall.  Contact Pastor Kathleen Ulland-Klinkner with questions (, 507-375-4792)


Stories that Should Be Told – (Ketchup) Catch-up Sunday

Stories that Should Be Told – (Ketchup) Catch-up Sunday

+ Bishop Jon V. Anderson and Pr. Joyce Graue

We know that many congregations lost Sundays this past winter. St. John’s in Raymond not only invited people to Catch-up playfully earlier this month, they also invited people to look forward into the summer and note the Sunday’s their family would be absent from worship. For these Sundays people were encouraged to give in advance. The results are shared by Pr. Joyce. If you want to learn more, please contact her at

 Catchup Sunday

June 8th was the Sunday our council marked as Ketchup Catch-up Sunday.  During the month beforehand little packets were given out with a label on them about just as ketchup spices up burgers & hotdogs, Catch-up Sunday will spice up our budget and allow us to keep bills paid and continue our ministry and mission.

Hamburgers & hotdogs with ketchup (of course!) and mustard, pickles, etc were served after worship by Council with potato salad, potato chips and bars.

The offering last Sunday — which has been running around $1500 many Sundays at best — jumped to over $7500!  Attendance was 80 (which is about our average these days).  Folks also had been encouraged to ‘pay it forward’ if they were going to be away.

…I’m thankful for a council here who was willing to host a meal after … and an Admin Assistant who had fun coming up with a variety of sayings to put on the little ketchup packets.
- Pr. Joyce Graue