Dec. 1 Advent Reflection

We have a gift for you during this advent season. Starting December 1 you can listen to 14 reflections called “Blessed to be a Blessing,” a new project created by Pr. Carol Pflibsen and Director for Evangelical Misison Pr. Larry Strenge. A series of audio reflections about stewardship linked to Advent. We hope you will enjoy listening and praying with us. Reflections will be posted daily. Visit the synod’s Advent webpage to read more about the Synod Advent Appeal.

Southwestern Minnesota Synod Giving to ELCA Campaigns in the Last Five Years

In this season of gratitude, I want to say how deeply touched by the giving to regular mission support that makes our churchwide, synodical and institutional life possible.  I wanted to lift up this chart that shows that giving.  That is stunning to look at in number form, but imagine the people who have their children or family members yet because we fought malaria.  Think of the people who have heard and joined the community that calls Jesus Lord because of the missionary sponsorship.  Imagine the people who have food to eat because we are a church committed to fighting hunger in immediate but in longer term sustainable ways as well.  As I look at the educational debt of our pastors, I know that your contributions to seminaries and the Fund for Leaders in our churchwide and synod are making a profound difference by setting leaders free to serve with greater joy because they are not swamped in debt.  See the smiling and grateful faces behind these numbers.




As we look forward into the coming years I am confident that we will continue to support the work of Christ around the world and through our synod and your church body.  Here is the breakout of the ELCA Campaign Funds that people are contributing to.



The way people support the work of Christ is changing.  We depend on multiples streams of financial support to make our synod’s and churchwide organization’s life happen.  Thanks for all you have done and will do as God’s generous people.